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[accordion_section title=”Birth Integration by Glennie Feinsmith, LCSW”]IMG_7058Birth Integration’ is a therapy that combines powerful and effective modalities of healing, to create a process that explores, empowers, heals and re-patterns old traumas, recognizing that most of the issues in your life today began during your formation time inutero. It is part regression therapy, re-patterning and re-parenting therapy, sandplay therapy and hypnotherapy. It utilizes EMDR, NLP techniques, birth games, art therapy, Gestalt techniques, Spiritual and Energy Psychology(including EFT and Emotion Code) to achieve a deep healing response. For individuals, children 3-11, and pregnant couples. Glennie is now certified in Prenatal Bonding(BA). If you are pregnant please read how Prenatal Bonding (BA) can help you achieve an empowered labor and delivery among many other benefits to you and your baby.

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Many insurances accepted.

Glennie Feinsmith, LCSW
998 Plaza Ave
Ashland OR 97520
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untitled-63-200x300Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Support

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(541) 537-6544


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meganstonelakeheadshotEmpathic Parenting Counseling & Coaching
Megan Stonelake, MA, LPCi

As a therapist and a mama, I have a deep passion for peaceful parenting. Through support and education, I assist parents in healing past wounds, addressing perinatal mood or anxiety disorders, and creating a deeper connection with their children. We all bring our own unique experiences to parenting, and becoming a parent can highlight both our strengths and areas for growth. With compassion and curiosity, I meet parents where they are to walk with them along the path to becoming the best version of themselves.