Postpartumn Care

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.46.59 AMHappy Mother’s Day to all mama’s! I thank you for your incredible courage…It is so important to remember that motherhood can be the essence of people taking care of people.  Let us remember this as we move forward into this year.

After the labor and birth has come and gone, and a woman has opened herself to bring forth this new life, she is now imbued with the incredible potential of taking care of her baby.

And, what is true, is that we are not meant to do this alone. We have had the day of honoring…and, we have had the day of opening.  As mothers we all do have what it takes. And  if we truly honor a mother’s ability to take care of her baby, it is our communal responsibility to take care of the Mother.

In almost all cultures across time and space, the mother is taken care of for the first 40 days and 40 nights of her child’s life. When this is done, we see the influence on a woman’s ability to mother even healthier into the future. If a mother is taken care of by her community, than she is more able to take care of her family, and her family will be more loving participants in the community. What a perfect circle….

And, so, the next time you know of someone having a new baby  here are some ideas:

– bring them a nutritious meal; leave it at their doorstep with a sweet note,

-organize a meal train; one meal a day from a  group of friends

-offer to do dishes and/or laundry….

–offer to sweep/vacuum, take out the garbage.

-drop off a bag of practical groceries: toilet-paper, bread and butter..

–offer to take the older sibling out on a special big-brother/sister adventure.

-offer to give papa/partner an opportunity to take a walk, and still have a companion for mama…

While the stuffed animals are cute, and the new baby clothes  even cuter, these are ideas that might be remembered and appreciated for a long time  to come….and, remember :

                               It takes a village to raise a child

~Laura Roe
CPM/Certified Professional Midwifery
Ashland and Surrounding area