Nutrition & Detox

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Nutrition and Detox


[accordion_section title=”Hilary Jacobson, CCHt“]

Hilary Jacobson CCHt

Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Support

[email protected]

(541) 537.6544





[accordion_section title=”Anja Robinson“]

Mana Medicinals, Embodied Wellness for Women

Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Coach, Certified Doula



[accordion_section title=”Patricia Morrison“]

Wellness Coach

We help busy people enjoy healthier lives, prevent & halt deadly & chronic diseases, and feel & look younger longer with nutrition, coaching & other tools. This includes resources and programs for prenatal health, post-partum recovery, healthy caregivers, and more.

@LongevityWell (Facebook/Twitter) Email: [email protected]








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