Maya Therapy: Benefits in Pregnancy and Birth

Your body is wise!

The experience of birthing begins and ends in the body. Its wisdom guides the birthing process to completion. Notwithstanding the power of the mind and spirit to influence this work, the body  grows and births a baby. In our culture, much traditional knowledge and wisdom of the workings of the body has been lost. Elsewhere, that knowledge has been preserved and the wisdom passed down.  Arvigo Techniques Maya Abdominal Therapy is a modality which combines traditional Maya abdominal massage techniques with Western naprapathic  structural manipulation. Maya Therapy  can profoundly impact the quality of pregnancy and birth.

Have you been told your baby is breech?

Why does a baby sometimes choose the breech, or head-up position in pregnancy? What can or should we do about it? Often, women are told to wait and see, or possibly to lie in an inverted tilt. Far too often the only option given is surgical birth. But the solution often lies with the body itself if we listen to what is the body telling us.

When the uterus is too low in the pelvis, and when the tone is weak, there may not be adequate room for the baby to choose the head-down position. The weakened walls of the uterus do not guide the baby into the optimal, head-down position. Without the benefit of traditional knowledge, many practitioners assume that the weak or flaccid condition of the uterus is inevitable or unchangeable.  But it is not! After just one treatment of Maya Abdominal Therapy, a recent client experienced her baby transition from head-up to head-down. She continued her self care at home, and happily experienced her uterus toning, and her back pain disappearing.

Oh, my aching bones!

There are many more benefits to toning the uterus before birth — not least of which is an efficient labor. Often the first noticeable change after treatment is the marked reduction of many common discomforts. Pain above the pubic bone, pain in the sacrum, sciatica, and even heartburn respond very quickly to this therapy.

By listening to the body as the traditional midwives do, we can interpret the messages and then act to address them. Round ligament pain is a message from the body telling us that the uterus is tilted. By gently repositioning the uterus, the body stops sending the message.


Couples can readily learn this gentle technique during a session. Partners enjoy belly time with mama and baby at home.

Of course just as no two bodies are the same, the solutions are not the same for every person. Maya Therapy is one tool to ease discomfort and reposition the baby. Look to our column next month for more modalities we are excited to offer.