Harnessing Calm and Love through HypnoBirthing

As a midwife for more than 35 years, I have come to believe that we live in a culture where birth is broken.

What was meant to be a joyous breathtaking and empowering and love-filled experience is all too often approached instead as something from which we need to be rescued or saved.  Pregnancy and birth stories are over-flowing with words like “induction” “epidural” “c-section” and “testing, testing and more testing.”

Fear has become the predominate emotion in our thinking and practices around birthing, and women hold this fear deep in their subconscious as well as their conscious minds. This is instantly translated into fear/tension/pain syndrome that hijacks our bodies and our labors.  (Bestselling titles such as “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” could as well be titled “What You Should Be Afraid of Now.”)  Evidence has shown us that mothers and babies have an innate hormonal physiology that when supported, increases ease, joy, satisfaction and safety in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but our practices and our mind-set around maternity care have not yet caught up with this.

HypnoBirthing offers the most powerful solution I know of for women from all walks of life to be able to turn this fear around and return their birth to the natural physiological process it is actually designed to be.

In our five-class series we learn special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice, attention to nutrition and positive body toning. We learn how to release fear.  We learn that we can breathe our babies down into the world without hard pushing.  Yes! Even first-time moms!

Because we train ourselves to work with mind and body, HypnoBirthing lasts a lifetime. When we birth our babies gently and easily with calmness and love we are giving them the foundational security of feeling welcomed and loved throughout life. For mothers, this calm confident way of opening and breathing a baby into the world brings extraordinary empowerment. For birth partners, active and supportive participation creates an extreme loving bond that begins before birth and lasts for a lifetime.

HypnoBirthing is different than other childbirth classes, where you might “cram” at the end of pregnancy to learn some techniques, etc. The sooner in pregnancy that you begin your practice, the better. Early or mid-pregnancy is a fine time.  You will be saturating your nervous system with the messages you desire most as you do your relaxation. You are literally creating new neural pathways in your brain. People often ask about having to miss a class or two, or going out of town on vacation, or what if they are only 8 weeks pregnant? I always encourage them to dive in now and complete any missed classes in a future series (no extra cost).  The best time to start is always NOW, however early or late you may be in your pregnancy.

You will find parents’ own stories inspiring stories about HypnoBirthing at our website threesistersmidwifery.com  Dates, times and location of classes are listed there as well as how to register.

About Rhione Zeixchel
Oregon Licensed Midwife since 1994
HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method, certified instructor since 2001
Co-founder, with Jae Rowan, Three Sisters Midwifery 2012
Co-founder, with Jae Rowan, Sanctuary Birthing 2018