Essential Oils & Birth

“I have always wanted to be a mom…but what I didn’t expect was how hard postpartum would be!” – Mia Qualkinbush

There is nothing more rewarding than helping a new mom feel empowered as she navigates the emotions, realities, and adjustments that come with postpartum. It is a dynamic time of life and parents need all the support they can get! Mia’s story may offer some inspiration to you on how essential oils can aid you and your family in this time of life:

Mia: “I was going through the motions of being a Mama but looking back, I can tell that up until my little girl was 6 months old, I was not fully there. I had zero sex drive, anger issues, and I was unable to formulate complete coherent sentences. I experienced hot flashes accompanied by tightness in my chest and anxious feelings.”

“Being a stay at home mom was not the bliss I had been dreaming of. So while trying to figure out how to apply for a job and working out the logistics of who would stay with my little one, nursing, pumping and everything else… I came across a fellow mama’s post on Facebook. The post was from essential oil educator Arin Fugate. I didn’t know Arin very well but I had been introduced to her through our midwife. Her little girl had been born a few months before ours and she was teaching a class on essential oils for Intimacy. I went to the class which was a small and intimate gathering. Arin talked about some key oils for intimacy like Jasmine, Neroli and the Passion blend. I was able to ask her a little bit about postpartum and opened an wholesale account with doTERRA.”

“Jasmine and Neroli are two oils that changed my life. Both oils are known to balance hormones! While applying them it felt like I was being wrapped in a warm, safe hug. My thoughts and moods felt much clearer and gave me the space to consider other opportunities. I asked Arin if she could walk me through the business model so I could help my family pay for these incredible oils. A year in with doTERRA, I now get my oils for free and I’m on my way to helping support my husband with extra income. Plus, I get to teach other mamas how these oils can help them too. I am so grateful to Arin and doTERRA for showing me the way back to nature!” 

Stories like Mia’s fill me with passion and inspiration for the work I do. If I can just help one person find more peace and joy in their life, then I have filled my life‘s calling! 

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story. Perhaps I have something to offer you that will help you feel more joy in your life…

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