Amanda Rose, CD, PCD (DONA)

I am a Certified Doula, practicing in Southern Oregon. For the past decade, I have spent much of my time nurturing, educating, and supporting families, both professionally and at a grassroots level. I balance this out with time devoted to caring for myself and my family, raising four children with my partner and exploring the world around us.
As YOUR doula, I will honor, nurture, and support you and your family before, during, and after the birth of your baby.

Antepartum, Birth, & Postpartum Doula
Amanda Rose, CD, PCD(DONA)


Southern Oregon Doulas

The Southern Oregon Doulas are dedicated to bringing doulas and families together in a way that welcomes all different types of doulas and all different types of families. We are a Resource Directory for Local, Professionally Practicing, Independent Doulas in Southern Oregon.
We also invite aspiring, trained and practicing doulas to also join us for support and information on practicing as a doula in the valley.
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Anja Robinson

Mana Medicinals, Embodied Wellness for Women

Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Ayurvedic Health Coach, Certified Doula