GrowBaby Health

We are Leslie and Emily, a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about prenatal nutrition. We are both mothers and professionals who believe that proper nutrition and supplementation during the first years of life have the ability to change the health of your family for generations. We discovered in our education and clinical experience together that there was a lack of easy and accessible nutritional support and education for expectant mothers and families. From this void bloomed GrowBaby®.

GrowBaby® offers empowering education and compelling knowledge. GrowBaby® provides an opportunity to change the expression of genetics in utero. It is our hope that through GrowBaby® we can help create change. We want to decrease the risk of worldwide chronic disease one baby at a time. The proper energy and nutrition that passes through us and into our children as they grow will create an environment with the potential to decrease the risk of asthma, allergies, cardiometabolic disease, autism spectrum disorders, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. We look forward to the day when all families worldwide can have equal access to clean water, fresh food, and proper nutrition to create healthy lives.

Leslie Stone, MD

Emily Rydbom, CN, LE, HN, CNP