SOBC 2018 Financial Aid Fund!

The Southern Oregon Birth Connections Financial Aid Fund provides opportunities for women and their families in Jackson and Josephine counties, who are in need of financial support to access prenatal, birth, and postpartum services. The goal of this program is to support women and their families in gaining access to services in our region’s communities….

Part 2 of The Value of Postpartum Support

by Amanda Rose, Postpartum Certified Doula, Many families are realizing the importance of competent, professional support from a Postpartum Doula during the fourth trimester, but most are still trying to see it as a valuable investment rather than a luxury expense. To put things into perspective when looking to invest in a postpartum doula, consider the…

The Value of Postpartum Support

by Amanda Rose, Postpartum Certified Doula, Although women have been giving birth since humanity began, it has been a constantly changing rite of passage around the world. Historically, there has been much focus on medically defining the standards of birthing practices, in the attempt to better contain the event. Over the past…

A Summit on Consciously Parenting

  For the next five days, you can follow live podcasts about how we can move toward more conscious, mindful parenting in our changing, challenging world.    

Some Benefits and Curriculum of Baby Sign

A Few Signs Can Make a Difference American Sign Language (ASL) is beneficial for all children. Studies show that typical functioning children who learn to use sign language as babies, among many other positive benefits: Tend to be better-adjusted socially Read at an earlier age Have more advanced language skills by 3-years-old Express their feelings…