Some Benefits and Curriculum of Baby Sign

babysignA Few Signs Can Make a Difference

American Sign Language (ASL) is beneficial for all children.

Studies show that typical functioning children who learn to use sign language as babies, among many other positive benefits:

  • Tend to be better-adjusted socially
  • Read at an earlier age
  • Have more advanced language skills by 3-years-old
  • Express their feelings in a positive way
  • Start to use important manners
  • Are less likely to push, bite, or throw a tantrum

Children with special needs:

  •  Sign can provide a functional means to communicate when the oral motor skills necessary to speak are not present
  • Research shows children with moderate disabilities may benefit from the use of sign language in much the same way as typical functioning children
  • Very often children with disabilities that affect their speech are more easily understood when they are taught to combine the use of sign and speech, thus facilitating communication between the children and those who love and care for them

These Baby Signing Time Play & Sign Classes teach American Sign Language vocabulary.  They are designed for babies ages 3 months to 36 months and their parents or caregivers. They run approximately 60 minutes, 1 day per week. Each month is a different volume, running on a 4-month rotation:

  • Volume/Month 1 includes: Theme Songs, Eat & Drink signs, Pet/Animal signs, More & All Done, Family, Diapers & Potty, and Hard Days.
  • Volume/Month 2 includes: Theme Songs, Clothes, Manners, Things that Go, Play, Self-Help, and Sleep
  • Volume/Month 3 includes: Theme Songs, Day and Night, Outside, Weather & Sky, Strollin’, Stop & Go, Bugs
  • Volume/Month 4: Theme Songs, Let’s Be Friends, Feelings, Opposites, That Tastes Good, In the Sky, Toy Box

Language doesn’t delay language. The idea that using sign language will prevent your child from using speech is akin to concern that if you were to allow them to crawl they will never walk. Research holds that there are really only benefits to using sign language with hearing as well as non-hearing children.

We start over with Volume 1 in March. If you have been waiting to jump in, March would be a great time. If you have already participated in Volume 1, I offer discounts for repeat performers. It’s great to review, pick up some signs you may have missed or which may be added, and meet new signing friends.

Classes are currently Wednesdays from 4 to 5 pm in downtown Ashland. Please contact me to register and I will give you the specific location. I need to be sure there are enough materials and space for all participants. Each month is just $40 per family, full balance due the first day of class. That breaks down to just $10 per class, per family.

Looking forward to signing with you soon.



Andrea Laurel Merg, MS, AAHCC
Childbirth, Prenatal, and Postnatal Educator
Baby Sign Language (ASL) Instructor
(408) 472-9735
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