Who We Are

Mission Statement

Empowering women and families through education, support, resources, and options throughout the childbearing years.


Access to services and information • Choice • Collaboration • Compassion • Connections • Education • Respect

Six years ago a group of birth professionals gathered in an Ashland living room to collaborate on the creation of an organization that would connect the myriad of services available for the pregnant couple and their families. We called ourselves Southern Oregon Birth Connections (SOBC) and we are still alive and thriving. Midwives, Doulas, Therapists, Counselors, Nutritionists, Doctors, Lactation Specialists, Acupuncturists, Artists, Photographers, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Physical Therapists, Activists, Parent Educators, Childbirth Educators, Massage Therapists, Baby and Mama Yoga Instructors, and purveyors of Eco-Friendly Products for Mother and Baby make up our network. It has been one of our intentions and goals to create a bridge between those who birth in a traditional western hospital or at home; to educate all about the choices available through education and dialogue, recognizing that each has their place in the creation of the safest and healthiest birth process for mother and baby.sobcmeeting